Custom Wound Heyboer 18 Watt Transformer Sets

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Custom Wound Heyboer 18 Watt Transformer Sets

Post by RJ Guitars » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:08 am

rj Custom Wound Heyboer 18 Watt Transformer Sets
$132 per set - Free Shipping in the USA

I've created a few different amp designs (I usually call them the "Sweet 16" amps) with a pair of EL84 output tubes and in a couple cases made the same amp with a pair of 6V6GT's. Both output sections produced very nice sounding amps. For the past few years I had Edcor winding my 18 watt tranny sets and I have been really satisfied with them for both sound and quality. However, Edcor tends to cater more to the HiFi amp builders than it does guitar amp builders so I had Heyboer custom wind a set of trannies with the same specs as my Edcor iron.

I bought ten sets of them - way more than I need but I wanted to get the discount for a quantity buy and will pass some along at cost to any of you who want to try them for yourselves.

280-0-280 @ 120mA red-red/yel-red
fil1 - 0-5vac @ 2A yel-yel
fil 2 - 3.15-0-3.15 @ 3A grn-grn/yel-grn

RJ-18W OT - stack M-19
Primary 8100 CT
Secondary 4,8,16 ohm
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